CA11-U11RMS Restart utility parameters

CA11 is a utility from Computer Associates that helps to re-run a job multiple times and also to restart from abended steps, taking care of what files to be used when we rerun.

We need to specify a restart parameter that tells CA11 – how we want the job to be run. Valid parameters are nP, nR, nN and more (n = 0,1,2,3,..)

P for Production run (0P, 1P, 2P, .. nP)

When we submit a job for first time, a parameter of ‘0P’ will be passed.
Due to any failure, if we need to run the job for a second time, and start from first step, pass a parameter ‘1P’.
If that fails again, and you need to run again from the beginning, use ‘2P’. (and so on…)
R for Restart/Rerun (1R, 2R, .. nR)

N for Null (1N, 2N,.. nN)

Note: if you do not change the number n in the parameter you will be getting a user abend U0060 saying that the parameter was not changes since the last run. However if your job has been completed successfully and you are rerunning the job, you do not need to change the number n.

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